Quality Policy


The aims of Altas Gida A.S. in the food sector we operate in accordance with the policies determined in the frame of the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, are to be one of the best companies of the world in the food sector by representing our country at home and abroad, perform healthy and quality production in accordance with the food safety principles and the legal regulations by complying with the requests and expectations of our customers, provide continuous development in the product, service, quality and processes, increase the quality and productivity by combining the information, technology and experience of past and future, create customers who are loyal to our brand, become reliable and respected, unbend from rightousness and honesty, protect our environment, develop the information, experience, awareness and skills of our employees through trainings, establish a working environment for our employees that is in accordance with the occupational health and safety principles and provide the effective and sufficient participation of our employees in these trainings.

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