Çotanak Hazelnut Oil


In the combination of the oil acids of hazelnut oil, at the rate of % 71-91, oleic acid is found. At the researches, which are done, has been appeared that the single unsaturated fat acids (oleic acid) decreases bad cholesterol and it increases good cholesterol in the blood. It is very useful for the cardiovascular diseases. It decreases diabetes. It is rich on account of Vitamin E.

It obtains to work the urine system and sexual system normally. It prevents to burst the red blood cells,and it effects anemia. It keeps against Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases. It invigorates immune system. It helps the formation of bone and tooth on children. After the accident it obtains coagulation of blood. It is necessary for normal muscle and nerve activities. It slows osteoporosis after the menopause. Many internal organs and skin disorders and for mental and behavioral disorders has affected rehabilitation.

Except from all of these hazelnut oil doesn't include trans oil acid, cholesterol and any other additive. Its burning point is higher than any other oil. It is 240 °C. For this it is the most enduring oil against heat. With this feature acoording to both health and taste, it is the biggest problem of the burnt oil and smelling burnt oil taste and may bring will eliminate carcinogenic effect. Çotanak brand, is the undisputed leader at the hazelnut oil. The hazelnut is evidence of significant academic research, the world's most healthy dried fruits. At the same time it is an important input of chocolate which is one of the most delicious miracle with unique taste. Ordu Oil represents the most healthy and the most delicious oil



What is Balfin?

Balfin is the waltz of the hazelnut from the black sea coast combined with honey, sesame paste and milk. This unique delicious hazelnut from the black sea coast was the main guest at the tables of the sultans.
The honey was described as the best healing source of Anatolia by the pilgrim writer Evliya Celebi. The sesame paste is said to have various healing characteristics for a number of disease and
the milk is the white miracle of nature. These four outstanding natural products, totally chemical-free, present themselves here under the name of Balfin with a new identity which you can enjoy with good conscience.


Hazelnut with Honey and Milk

Ingredients: Hazelnut (%70), Honey (%20), milk powder, sesame paste, vegetable oil

Energy and nutrition facts:

Energy                               610 kcal / 2252 kj
Fat                                         50,1 g
Saturated Oil                        10,5 g
Monounsaturated Oil            35,6 g
Polyunsaturated Oil                   4 g
Carbonhydrates                         29,4 g
Sugar                                      3,4 g
Fiber                                         6,4 g
Protein                                       12 g
Vitamin E                                  23 g
Phosphorus                             242,7 mg
Iron (FE)                                3,5 mg
Calcium (CA)                      167,1 mg
Sodium (NA)                                 15,4 mg

We continue to add value to the hazelnut. Bon appetite.

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